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    Good shit Liam.
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    Those pirate ships and docks ruin the whole screen, especially those golden fisherman walls. The rest is really nice especially the architecture.
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    Love the colours.
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    Yeah, nice and vibrant colours, like Cocoa.

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    I love the hints of blue and orange.

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    Sea of Sagas was my initial impression. Vibrant is accurate.


    Tend to agree with G Force about the pirate ships though, primarily too small scale-wise but also the object itself rarely fits contextually in my opinion.

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    Glad you all like it! And I've got good news. The ships have been replaced by custom ones, and I will post another screen tomorrow.
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    This is brick for brick identical to my pirate section,somethings fishy here Liam! Quit taking all my good ideas!


    Nice work, I like the colors and style. Looking forward to seeing your new ships.

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    Despite not matching anything else, I think those monorail colours fit so well.

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