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    Some parts are plain, but you keep getting better :)

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    pretty cool. the colors and archy are very greek. I would make the land sand instead of grass, it would fit better I think.


    keep working, you will get better with time man!

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    That entrance is well tucked away, which is awesome for fitting with the 'hidden empire' theme. The buildings and colour scheme are looking good to me, and the little shrubs and bushes look nice too - although a few more wouldn't hurt, I feel. I'd suggest adding something to the paved area in the centre, either to break up the paving or to decorate the walls there a bit more. From what I can see, peeps can't get there, but I think it will still look better for our benefit as viewer..

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    It's looking pretty good. Nice to see your park is starting to come together. Like thirteen said, some sand would be good, but keeping the grass is nice in some areas. I might suggest adding in some vines to the sides of the buildings. There are various options you can use, some cover full walls (like a climbing vine), or hanging vines with flowers etc, not sure what you have available with the objects in your bench, but it would add a nice touch to your project.

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    Thanks for the feedback.


    I actually haven't finished the foliage, because I felt it was important just to focus on the architecture for now. I can always go back an add foliage like vines or smth. The only thing that matters is, that the architecture is okay.

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    The entrance in the middle of the screen has very thick poles, have a look if theres a thinner object or try to build the four poles a bit higher. Right now the roof looks pretty massive and pressed to the bottom, try to make it lighter.

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    Solid improvement, well done. Try to incorporate some different textures like brick here though; all the buildings are made from essentially the same material every time and in large areas this can get quite monotonous.


    The weird grey roof texture thing isn't really working at all here; I'm not sure what it's purpose is. If it's the inside path then you should definitely pick a different colour or texture - you could easily just continue with the light brown path that you used elsewhere.

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    I erased most of the mainstreet to rebuild it with my (in my eyes) improved skills. This hill is to hide a simulation attraction consisting of 3 simulators. I wanted to go with a hillside setting wich will be come out best on the other side.

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