Screenshot / Haunted Mansion - almost finished


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    comment below
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    by the way, this was the inspiration for some of the architectural elements: J2-74.jpg

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    what a pleasant holiday atmosphere :p


    the grass in front of the haunted mansion is probably a bit bare though, maybe add in some more small details like shrubs and a few tombstones?

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    There's a lot of atmosphere coming from this screen, but there's not as much as in the previous screen.


    The diagonal part of the greenhouse looks odd, I'd suggest using the diagonal glass pieces and using only on diagonal rooftop.


    The track resting on the ground unsupported doesn't feel right, have you tried changing the ground type into maybe rock?

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    Thanks guys. Unfortunately I have neither tombstones nor diagonal glass walls in the bench. i would have used both if I could :/

    I will consider changing the ground under the track though.
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    The 1/4 tile deco wall pieces can sub nicely for tombstones btw. 

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