Screenshot / Exotique: Botanic Gardens


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    That's awesome. Maybe lose the wooden pole trims though?

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    Love it

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    One of the better screens that you've posted in my opinion.


    The large glass structure works surprisingly well here :)

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    I like having you on this site. 

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    Very Belgian. Looks like Dimi, but also with traces of Kenneth. Good job!
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    Great job!
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    I like it.... but somehow 2 things bothers me!

    The tree in the middle of the path. on both sides you have a single wide path... imo its to narrow. Also i'd like to see a border around the tree.

    The toilet room is to small. or is it a huge room beneath ground level? I do like how it looks on the front. Little and cute but i miss the big room of toilets behind it. 

    again. great screen. good atmosheer...

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