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    Why always the mushrooms? I think there's a bit too much of everything. Some more focus in the theming would help this.

    I do like it, still.
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    Nice to see this project is still alive. Very atmospheric as always.
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    I really like it :)

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    Cute. Hope to see this released soon!

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    "Mushrooms and NCSO in the preview? Must be Faas."


    Seriously though, I think the path is a little thin and the theme is a little vague. Maybe more buildings, or showing a screen in an area that is not backed right up against the map edge would help. 

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    Agree completely with Liampie. I just feel that what you're building is a little...vague. I would imagine Sasquatch in quite a heavily forested area, but the foliage is quite sparse here. If you're moving towards an area that isn't as dense in foliage then I would make the change more gradual because I'm finding it quite ambiguous at the moment.


    Pleasant is the word that comes to mind here.

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    Just thought I would say, that the station and queue built into the land like that is genius.

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