Screenshot / Movie Park Entrance


  • MCI%s's Photo

    Too much brown, use more pink instead!

  • Shotguns?%s's Photo

    scale is off, but a ton better than what you're doing in ncso honestly.

  • BigB%s's Photo

    high gates = good

    low gates = out of scale

  • PizzaWurscht%s's Photo

    you make a good improvement , but this thing is a bit too small. put it up with bigger gates. and hopefully you don`t let the walls stand up.


    soo its a good picture from YOU , go on

  • G Force%s's Photo

    I agree, the low gate needs to be taller, maybe just one unit or so, maybe look at the entrance of Disney's Hollywood Studios or a park like that.

  • Colorado-Fan%s's Photo

    It looks too small and there should be more details. This is the entrance area of a movie park. Change the scale and work on your details. Otherwise nice to see you working on NCSO!

  • posix%s's Photo

    Version1, stop depending on the community. Do your thing in RCT. The rest follows.

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    People like high gates because that's what real parks do. Also, it looks better.


    Also this:

    Version1, stop depending on the community. Do your thing in RCT. The rest follows.

    Although I'd add "as much" in that your work has improved a lot since starting CSO but posting one or two screens from a project and then cancelling it doesn't really help you improve [finishing, develop park layouts etc] or allow the community to provide feedback [we don't have context].
  • Version1%s's Photo

    I know, Stoksy, but my last projects just didn't work the way I intended them to. Zhis will, because it's simple and nothing too special.

  • Fizzix%s's Photo

    Wait to post until you have a little more. It's a nice start, but I think some elevation change is needed, and I agree with the statements on color. 

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    Yeah I think the scale is really not right. the ticket booths are really low and the arch is tiny. should at least be as tall as long on each arch bit, if not more.

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