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    I really like the architecture, but somehow it still feels a bit empty. Maybe there's a bit to much path.

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    I disagree with it feeling empty. It has a certain giant zen garden appeal so it needs open spaces. 

    The foliage here is so improved. Love it.

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    The main problem for me right now is the cohesion, in big part the colors. But I kinda dig the cute little buildings. 


    Also could use some variation in the land elevation.

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    so lovely and cute

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    feels all too random and directionless for me to enjoy. i get wanting to do smaller architecture, but your placement of the buildings is rather bad and would look far better if grouped together in bunches. your pathwork too is messy and that and the foliage spot on the right as well as the bare spot in the middle detract a lot.

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    Buildings need to be bigger, part of the reason it feels empty.

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    Well, it kinda has to feel messy. It's a small Asian village which has grown organically and unplanned over time, not a grid-based city. And I wanted it to give it some air and make it feel relaxing. That's why I didn't put any more buildings. But looking back now, I think I'm going to put some more cohesion in the colours of the buildings.

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    Well, I've made a few changes to the path, added one more building, but I left the foliage since I like the look of it.

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    Much much better.

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