Screenshot / Second Park.


  • Faas%s's Photo

    Always cool to see thoughts going elsewhere when building. This looks interesting!

  • PRMEshockzzNE%s's Photo
    Very interesting! Like your creativity while making parks. Two things, one get rid of those borders (park lab restriction) and that bone on the side of the building is out of place
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    That clock is really fucking cool.

    Not sure about the rest, seems a bit random. But don't give up!
  • Milo%s's Photo

    The clock is great and I like the glass and brick combo. Your foliage is all over the place and is the weakest part of the screen.

  • GammaZero%s's Photo
    Why did I never think about that for a clock? Well, I'm off to think about a good NCSO clock.
  • RCT2day%s's Photo

    ^I've done it before. I just haven't posted it yet.


    EDIT: Not to one up you or anything.


    Screen looks good.  Keep experimenting with ideas.

  • PRMEshockzzNE%s's Photo
    Well I'm clearly blind that clock is awesome ! Very cool idea
  • alex%s's Photo

    That clock is indeed awesome. With the rest of the building, try and simplify it a bit. You've got too many different walls and blocks I think. The bricks, black trims and glass windows are working well but the wooden blocks, glass roofs and white windows aren't. It's got a nice art deco vibe to it so I'd try and develop that.

  • Poke%s's Photo

    So cool. The foliage needs work.

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