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    Some old stuff from 2011, found by tidying up my desktop.. :D

    When I built this I started a map to improve and try some different themes by building quarters of different themes. I started with a jungle rapid theme where I tried to put some landscaping in and went on with a western theme, but as you can see I've never finished it.


    Nevertheless, I remember building the rapids was tons of fun.

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    I think the jungle screen is actually really cool.
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    I like it too. It almost doesn't give off an NCSO vibe. For some odd reason it feels like CSO, perhaps its the foliage placement doesn't make it feel like the buildings are too blocky. Nice old work!

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    please bigb , start again

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    both are actually way better than your recent work



    EDIT: thought this was version1, sorry. still, it's pretty good 

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    The jungle screen is really good, I like the use of the wooden fence.

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    please bigb , start again


    I´ve been telling him that for years now. Maybe together we can bring him back...


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    Maybe together we can bring him back...



    what ??

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    what ??


    You really have to work on your english, dude

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