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    Violent and intense. I love it.

  • PBJ%s's Photo

    too many spiderwebs.

    But it's good. reminds me a bit of levis...

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    Oh fuck yes... this is incredibly unique and awesome.

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    This is very old school.

  • Freizeitfan%s's Photo

    The architecture is good, but it's too much red in it.

  • macncheezburger%s's Photo

    I envy your architecture skills! Can't wait to see more of your work. :)

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    Looks really unique, but maybe mix in some other tones of red, to add a little variety. Keep it up!

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    Crazy. Love this Korean stuff!
  • PBJ%s's Photo

    Crazy. Love this Korean stuff!
    levis a korean?

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