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    wow this is intense. Looks really like a ship from the devil. very hell-ish. I love it, ist so refreshing!

  • flying banana dino%s's Photo

    is red the new brown?

  • navalin%s's Photo
    Way to cheap out and clip the hardest part off the edge of the map.
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    I don't get the 'libertine' thing that you're title is suggesting. All I feel is this overuse of red spooky shit. Show me some subtlety and some nihilism/hedonism and I'll be a happy guy

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    I like the sails!
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    it should be taller, like the actual ship hull

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    Just seen this and I had a look at the other screenshots from this project too - It's a really unique and extravagant theme you've got going on. I personally prefer the other two screens, as I feel this one is a bit too gimmicky with the spooky object use, but it's still got a real impact upon first opening it.

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    Cool. Yeah the sails are great.

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