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    Colours could use some work, but for the rest this is just lovely. Beautiful coaster.
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    This park looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Looks great!

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    If it's one coaster then I think it's maybe a little too spread out. If it's two then I'd try to implement some sort of colour differentiation.


    Nice idea with the invisible flying saucers; not nearly enough people make use of that simple hack.

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    Looks like a blast, which is awesome! I think the monorail station could do with a bit more love. I love the flatride and the coaster! 

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    @liam - color change suggestions. Which ones are out of place?


    @stoksy - It's one coaster. First, layouts are not my strength whatsoever, but when you see the whole design it would make more sense.


    @faas - hahaha, no monorail station in this screenshot, perhaps you meant chairlift   :p ... but otherwise thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed it!

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    Yeah chairlift. Probably don't like that one so much because of my metalroofobia. 

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    See, I knew it was a serious medical condition! You should get a doctor to prescribe you some meds.


    I should have guessed you'd have an issue with the one metal roof in the entire screen shot. Maybe I'll change it... or maybe I won't :)

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    I agree with Liam, but I still love it.

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    I would also say that you could change some roof types to the one in the top left to match the snowy setting.

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    Poke - you mean the dark brown roof?

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    i think its great. so much white is unfamiliar, but I actually like the fact, that the houses/village is kind of dark and the surroundings are snowcovered and white.


    too bad there arent any (good) snow objects to make the roofs look snow covered.

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    love the porches, but cant see the coaster!

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    I think this is great. Except the queue section (the roof).

    And I think the color is ok for me

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    What did I tell you people?


    bigshootergill is the real deal.

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    Color of the umbrellas seems a little odd to me, kind of contrasts too much with the theme being hot colors.

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    @thirteen - If there was a snowy roof, that'd be sweet. There's an icicle object, but they don't really fit if the roof isn't snowy, and a white roof doesn't cut it. I used it in another spot in this park, but it mimics an ice storm. Anyway, enough rambling. Glad you like it.


    @flow - There's plenty of spots to check out this coaster, but this string of shops isn't one of them. Guess you'll need to wait for the grand release, probably in another 150 in game years :(


    @cb - Thanks for spreading the word, glad you like it. If I could just find a way to download some coaster design know how!!!


    @gforce - what color would you suggest instead?

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    I would use white or light blue, play around with it a little though.

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    I've taken some suggestions into account and adjusted 3 things:


    - Faas requested a roof change for the chairlift, so I kicked the metal roof to the curb and implemented Poke's suggestion

    - Liam said some color change would be good, and the front building kind of stood out like a sore thumb, maybe it ties in better now?!?!??!

    - G Force asked for different color umbrellas, so voilà, they're now 2 shades of blue


    Changes for the good, or should I revert back to my originals?

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