Screenshot / Not Your Grandmother's Mini Golf


  • thirteen%s's Photo

    very nice! love the minetrain ride and scenery.


    I dont really like the grey coaster track though. that grey is so dull.

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    This is obviously heavily inspired by Goldrush but still... holy shit dude. The custom supporting on the B&M's might need work (maybe some diagonal supports too on the barrel rolls) but this is great.


    I'm still not the biggest fan of the B&M layout but the theming might be so good that it won't even matter. You're getting really good really fast.

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Very goldrush...relatively poor B&M layouts from what little I can see.


    Meandering layouts are generally a no-go for such iconic coasters, you can maybe get away with that kind of stuff for mine trains, but not really B&Ms in my opinion.

  • G Force%s's Photo

    The color of the mini golf itself could probably be better, but this really nice.  Definitely your best work.

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    its really cool except those b&m colors. give it some contrast! those are just poor atm

  • bigshootergill%s's Photo

    Thanks the tidbits of feedback.


    Yup, I snagged ideas from goldrush. It was going to be a mine anyway, so that park gave me the ideas. But it's a very minor portion of the park.


    I'm still playing with the colors of everything, so mini-golf might change, the coasters may change in time, but it's not priority right now. Suggestions are always appreciated


    Yeah, I'm sure my coasters suck, but what else is new? I'm clueless with that stuff. I tried to make decent designs and now I'm trucking ahead with themes, not overly concerned, just having fun building this park.

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    not overly concerned, just having fun building this park.

    This. I like this.

  • bigshootergill%s's Photo

    thanks ottersalad, that's what rct is all about

  • alex%s's Photo

    The coasters look great to me, very fun. I don't think in this park they need to have realistic layouts. They deffo need a paint job though...

  • Jappy%s's Photo

    Friggin' love it. That's all there is to say.

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