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    too big/small for what?


    its too big for a design, too small for a park, and too sparsely themed for both anyway. I just don't get what it is. A section of a park? a small park?


    that sounded harsh, hehe, elitenedesignsforlife

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    It will be a Design-Submission. It is a section of a bigger park

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    The layout doesn't really interact with everything enough for a design submission... if I were you I'd make the park just a tiny bit bigger and then submit it for a spotlight submission. It wouldn't have to be much bigger to contend for bronze depending on how you fill it out. The layout of the coaster just doesn't seem very design like because there's no interaction and without interaction the layout would need to be ridiculously strong to score design.

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    So it's a little ambiguous...I'm intrigued!


    ...but yeah, main coaster doesn't do enough at the moment for a design.

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    I will think about turning it into a park. I really wanted to do this as a "Design" because it would allow me to not build an entrance/main street. I still have problems with dense theming and wanted to do a section of a park for exactly that reason.

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    Good to see your determination V1. Trust me, it'll pay off. Looking forward to seeing this park/design up close!

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    well it just doesn't feel so much like a design because the coaster should be the main focus, and here its tucked away in the corner, while the focus seems to be on the park aspects. if you made the rapids ride go under and around the green coaster, expanded the map out so its sits more in the middle, and gave it a solid single theme, thats how you would make a good design.

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