Screenshot / Heaven's Atlas - Calico Canyon Adventure Park


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    i loved this and i love anything ride6 does

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    One of my favorite H2H7 parks.
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    I agree completely.  With a little more refinement, it could've been one of the best of the season.

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    Was a lot of fun to look at this one.
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    Coasterbill & Ride6 did a marathon for the last weekend, but it definitely have more potential. Bill got stuck doing architecture, which he wasn't overly excited about... but that's H2H I guess. He still did some nice work here. Dr Dirt was supposed to help out a lot more, but he went MIA for the last week (turned out he was seriously ill in the hospital) so that kind of threw that park for a loop! Still an awesome park, great idea, just could have used more time.

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    lol yeah I think I put in like a 16 hour day on this park. Then when I left for a few hours mid-day Ride6 worked on it and the next day when I wasn't around he put in a marathon session of his own. I agree that the park could have been better but I'm proud of what we came up with and I'm glad we won a Design. The layouts are all Ride6 though, he deserves credit for those, not me.

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    The RMC's are awesome by Ride6, just genius work there, but the supporting rides are wicked too. Slingshot by Dr Dirt, the Cliff Jumping, White Water Rafting, Ropes Course and Parahchutes were basically all Bill. Great ideas packed in there.

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