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    I don't think that one support under the balloons would support that much weight. Also the screen looks unfinished so its hard to judge the screen as a whole. 

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    I like the idea of the balloon race in the clouds, but the execution is not good. Some tips:


    - Take the balloon race down and build the clouds around it, on the ground.

    - If you want to give it an extra airy look, you can place some water around it so you have white clouds on blue water (representing a blue sky).

    - Drop the castle, it doesn't fit the theme. The red/grey combo is not working.

    - Make the huts of the kiddie coaster invisible (or not) and give it a station with a width of 2 tiles instead of one. 

    - Playground looks poorly, needs more playtools! Also, maybe give it a sand underground

    - That tree is awful, get rid of it!

    - More foliage in the corners, it's too clean.

    - Those colored pillars have to go. 

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    totally want to play on that magenta jungle gym only to look up at a metal white blob that's precariously held in-place by a b&m support. learn2realism.

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