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    I'd love to see more things like this, it's like re-framing nostalgia.

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    Can you talk about some of the process and ideas that went into this? Its certainly a unique idea.
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    This was my favorite park in h2h so far. Absolutely love the idea. It brought me back to the days when I played rct on my Xbox (yes the old Xbox) but also gave me a feel of detail and an actual park. Great park loved it !!
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    It was indeed amazing to see what a RCT1 scenario would look like as an actual believable theme park. One of my favourites as well. 

    Edit: Might try something like this in the future as well. 

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    Wait why are the dueling coasters gold and blue?


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    I loved that scenario! Great stuff. Do one of Mel's World!

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    Might try something like this in the future as well. 


    Me too..... Sounds like fun! I claim Crumbly Woods BTW :D

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    Well I guess we'll have to work together Jappy. 

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    Please do.

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    I've got another collab coming up after my exams, but after that... I'll glady work together.

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