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    Not a fan of the brown/tan path, but the construction is very good.  

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    Spot on. Ancient Crete.

    Is the coaster name Earthquake? or Minotaur?

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    your image editor fucked up the picture so its hard to appreciate the atmosphere


    its a tad messy, i'm not sure I like the grey track/black supports. sort of boring. but a good start, you're pretty good so I'm sure you'll work it out

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    It's good, but yeah maybe the coaster colours need changing?

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    I really like this. The colors are a bit boring, sure, but I don't really have a problem with them. I really like the changes in elevation.

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    Yeah the levels are great.
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    Wonderful. Extremely complicated composition but it works very well. The colours are refreshing and unique. I'd keep them the way they are.

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    ok I'm quite liking purple:
    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.29.03.png
    but can I still call a purple coaster 'Minotaur'? Is that allowed?

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    ooh thats nice. the bigger screen gives more context and it looks like its composed way better than I thought. nice work


    you can color anything whatever you want! whats grey got to do with a minotaur anyway? 


    I don't think I'm sold on the lava-ground rooves though. I think it takes away from the more formal greek style. I'd try sand or wooden rooves (even try with wooden coaster track and then you can experiment with different colors, I know ancient crete stuff did use a lot of colors)

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    Really nice layering with the overhangs, mazes and rides. Try to avoid one off theme elements like the bobsled track, if it's used once try to find a couple more spots for it and if it doesn't look good in several spots, get rid of it. The purple does look good on the coaster.

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    its ll but i think its to mutch and overloaded but its always good

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