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    This is soooo much better. And I'm glad to see my quarter tile brick objects being used else where. lol. 

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    Looking good in RCT > 1:1 scale.


    Despite how much progress was made in the other version and how much of a shame it is that it went unfinished; I do much prefer this approach.

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    Waaauw! This looks like a helluva lot of fun! Good work, I love it!

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    This is great! Very unique feel, by relying on that brick texture.
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    Needs more fencing, or at least border between the path and ground.  Even if its not 100% it would definitely help the visual.  The rest looks nice, excited to see more.

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    Stoksy - this is the fourth time I've redone the map, so I'm not really upset by it. It was good to be able to experiment to find out what kind of scale I can actually fit, and a lot of it can be pulled over and just refined in that regard.

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