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    Forest Frontiers had better foliage. Again, do your ideas justice by putting more effort into the execution.
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    Foliage is one of my weak spots, unfortunately. Any guides about it?

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    From five years ago.


    Pick a mix of trees that looks good together and fit the theme. Cover land. Add underbrush. Make it flow. Done. Imitate someone else if you're out of ideas. But at least sit down and try it. And I mean, don't do just three tiles and then post a screen...
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    Is this any improvement?


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    Don't make the foliage so sporadic- it makes everything look so bare and unfinished, unrefined. Condense the trees and shrubs.

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    Multiply the amount of trees you have by ten, lose the flowers and put lots of shrubs under the trees. boom finished looking screen.

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    Oh come on it's like you just used the scatter tool with one type of flower and some rocks. You seriously couldn't do more than 5 clicks of the mouse before reuploading a screen? It takes more than that to get better. 

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