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    Can the low votes at least explain or give tips? What's the point of giving a really low vote and not saying anything about the screen?

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    I like the screen... but there isn't much going on in it.

    Wasn't my vote though.


    Edit : I don't like the mushrooms though, they are too big imo.

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    I enjoy this screen.

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    I voted 50%.


    Just felt its not as strong as your other screens, not as immersive.

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    A very enjoyable screen.  For what is there, it's pleasant and simple with some nice colour and foliage choices .  As a stand-alone screen though, it doesn't showcase anything spectacular.  That said, I still thought it was worth 65.

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    It's very basic ncso and I don't like the flowers that close to the water, it still has the happy Faas atmosphere though.

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