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    Well, it looks a lot like the real thing, so that's good. There aren't too many other things around though, so it's hard to critique. 

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    I really like that yellow cottage.

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    I was going to say the stuff in the thumbnail was really good but WOW that cottage is fantastic. Nice job.

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    i really like that cottage/station. the facades are a bit flat and empty IMO- it seems like in a couple of places, the extra 'details' just pull it down- specifically the rack objects on the green and pink bulidings, and the brown poles on the blue building (just use a blue wood texture?) the white balcony seems too tall as well


    but this is some serious improvement!\


    ps I'm not sure those louvre objects (or whatever they're called) really work as windows in this context- I normally use them as architectural/structural details

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    Thanks for the advice. The white balcony is definitely going to be dropped a unit, it's been bothering me too. I only put it as high as I did so that there'd be sight of the doorway/first floor, but it doesn't look good. As for the blue building, I was trying to emulate 005.jpgthis kind of texture, so I'm not sure wood would work right. I don't like how it glitches a bit, however. And as for the louvres, I agree, I just was really lazy by the time I got to that building and didn't want to find something better.

    Also, did someone vote this at like a 0 or something? It went from 71 to 61 in only 1 or two votes. :/

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    if anything, white/grey poles would look better. but I would recommend using the vertical line wood blocks, whatever they're called. like the corrugated metal texture? and color it turqoise or light blue

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    Those are actually white, but the nearby brown tricks the eyes or something. I'll try the corrugated blocks and see how they look.

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    tbh, this is really clean work, should of had some open arch ways into the stores to bring out more detail =) but still love it

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    throwback monday

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    That cottage is still great.

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    It's cute. I've always been interested by the more unknown/less visited parks like Silverwood.

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