Screenshot / #fbf: Jungle Woodie


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    This is one of my favourite screens ever. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, crying, thinking about how this park was lost for no good reason.
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    This screen is so amazing.

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    One of the 10 or so members who pushed this site like no one else in it's early day, and this being his (maybe) only real go at RCT2 solo efforts.


    Liam, it always happens with the good stuff.

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    That's my kind of park right there!... Love it!... Maybe someone could revive it like the Barefoot Park...
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    This makes me sad. Amazing that a park this old still holds up. Unreal. Looking at it now though I am not a fan of how the wooden supports have disappeared. I can forgive X though since this is still incredible.

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    Basically the sickest screenshot ever taken

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    Thumbnail of the year.

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    This is what I have always considered to be "the NE style". I guess now it's the "classic NE style". But I do miss parks like this.

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