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    Nice work Fred. Classic looking diner. Not sure about the pink brick planters though. Great to see more progress on this park too!

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    I would change the colour of those planters. The rest looks really good. 

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    Who wore it better? FredD or Pac?

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    Planter foliage might be a little to thick for my liking, I dont think trees of that size would be able to grow in such a small space like that.  I like the rest though, nice job on this.

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    I would change the colour of those planters. The rest looks really good. 

    The building is almost too big I think, on the very edge of oversized. I would get rid of all the trees in those pink-ish planters and just make it all flowers. 
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    I second everything above, except from the too thick foliage. That looks good. One criticism I would like to add is that I'm not a fan of the spinning coaster and the ferris wheel having the same colours.

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    I'm not sure that type of Ferris Wheel fits a Cedar Fair style park but I love the rest.

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    wow pac has a huge impact on alot of players, including myself lol.

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    Sorry, but this just looks really cluttered to me.  The diner just completely dwarfs the Ferris Wheel (which as coasterbill said doesn't really fit in a CF park).  The details are nice, but they don't seem to blend very well.  If you shrunk down the building in area and height, you could even have room for a small backstage area.

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    But it's not a CF park. I'm just using bits of parks and coasters I like from all the parks I visited...


    Idc about backstage area, even tough there is one after the building. Can't see how the height of it would be a factor in that. 

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    ^I would change the name of the diner then.  Coasters will automatically make me think Cedar Fair. Also, I think the grey makes this very dull, and look more like a fort/prison than a diner.  Nothing in the screen makes me go, "Ooh, overpriced burgers!!"   

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