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    nice, I love your ncso. is this built in 'build your own sfot' or something?

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    It's the Six Flags over Texas scenario. I've always liked the "transform an operating park" thing so it fit the bill.

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    Slight update. Didn't warrant a new screen so I'll just add it here.
    Attached Image: SCR69.png

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    I'm very glad that you got rid of that archy.
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    The supports are so much better now. I just wonder if this isn't way too green for a park located in Texas? Never been there, though.
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    Its better now, but I fear with the changes to this park its going to really lack any architecture. Everything now its landscaping and foliage, which is alright in moderation, but when the whole park is that it gets pretty boring. This isn't Animal Kingdom, its Six Flags.
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    I'm spotting in some archy here and there to counter that. Realized myself that there wasn't too much outside of 1-2 areas. Still won't be archy heavy, but hopefully more balanced than it had been.

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