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    If you're going miniature might as well take it all the way. The trees are way too big.

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    I'm trying to create something like Madurodam or Mini-Europa in Brussels. So that won't be needed
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    The miniatures are quite awesome! I think the Eiffel tower should be bigger compared to the others. And maybe paint it dull green as well. I'm pretty sure there are ball objects that could improve the look of the Atomium. The real building in the screen could be improved as well and I would remove that fruit tree in front of it. The Dutch flag is upside down for the visitors. Brandenburg Tor is really pretty and the autumn colors work pretty well here!

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    i like it. its cute :)

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    I like all the individual recreations, but I think it's a problem that the scale is so inconsistent. And I also think it's important to avoid small structures that are not miniatures. If you make the surroundings clean and simple, your miniatures will stand out much more in a positive way. That's why I think the autumn foliage is a bad choice here. And the restroom building is smaller than the Brandenburger Tor or the British Parliament building, which makes it confusing.

    Emphasize the difference between miniature and real architecture. Like they did in Madurodam.

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    I think you've done a good job so far, but I would definitely consider smaller trees, or even replace them with flowers and bushes. I also think the Eiffel tower could use some work.


    However this is really cute, and I like it so far. Definitely want to see more.

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    I've adressed the problems of the Eiffel Tower, and fixed the flag! I thought I knew it... Also, the restroom hes been rebuilt and enlarged.


    I Emphasize the difference between miniature and real architecture. Like they did in Madurodam.



    The park is set in the autumn. It's the same park with my Anton Pieck-ripoff. I'll get rid of the large trees, and replace them with smaller stuff and more open spaces. The restroom has also been fixed.


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    I love the idea with the minatures. Make sure that they are not to much out of scale, imo the Brandenburger Tor looks a bit strange. I am looking forward on this.

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    Please someone make a Legoland/Miniland, USA.

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    Lol at the Description... And great work!
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    Please someone make a Legoland/Miniland, USA.

    This was one of Liam's suggestions for Heaven's Atlas Round 7 park for H2H. 

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    "Not much rides yet, but don't worry, they'll come."


    In miniature, I hope?


    Great idea. But it has to be possible somehow to build Atomium with the proper angle, no?

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    I think the paths are too narrow.

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    Those Houses of Parliament are brilliant :) I'd agree that the central trees are too big though. Granted, they may be used to hide other structures until the guests are closer, but I think they overpower everything and take the focus away from the models.

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