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    comment below
  • Austin55%s's Photo

    Is this the spoken off PT park?

  • AK Koaster%s's Photo

    Wow... that is beautiful. I especially like the round building and the beautiful log ride

  • Milo%s's Photo

    The bumper cars under the seating area is awesome... although a double decker bumper cars would be pretty cool too

  • Xcoaster%s's Photo

    Very nice job.  The first thing I thought of when I saw this screenshot was certain Scandinavian parks (maybe Linnanmaki or Tivoli), and after looking at the other screen (clearly based on Gronalund), I think that must be what you were going for.  The whole screen is great, but I especially love the building on the right.

  • geewhzz%s's Photo
    amazing rockwork, amazing windmill, the dodgems, logflume, everything just "works"
  • Dimi%s's Photo

    Wow, that log flume looks incredible. It looks like this is going to be a very unique park.

  • Fisch%s's Photo

    so much better than the more generic style. Love this.

  • gijssie1234%s's Photo

    awesome , good inspiration !

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    One of the best water wheels I've ever seen.

  • pierrot%s's Photo

    dodgems = win

  • Chocotopian%s's Photo

    The café/dodgems building is excellent.  It fits its circular shape easily, with nothing jarring out.  I really like the red flume boats too.... I don't know why.

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