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    Looks really nice, but being an island in a sea of path kills the atmosphere. Try to embed this more into the landscape, or make a village in this style which leads to a coaster entrance or something. Keep it up!

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    Listen to Dave, he said what I feel too. Definitely develop it though, looks sweet.

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    Thanks guys! Yeah, I see the path-issue, it was just a test, I've got to avoid that sort of stuff when I start using it. The style is meant to be alpine or rural, so the chances of it being set in a village in the future are quite high ;)

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    I agree with Dave but the rockwork is pretty good, i hope you continue

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    Really interesting style. Want to see more from it!

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    Uninspired ...

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    posix, could you please explain what you mean with "uninspired"? If you think it's uninspired because it's just a small abandoned section with some random path around it, I agree with you because it's just supposed to be a "sample" of the style I wanted to build in the future, so it doesn't have to be as mindblowing as a whole park :p

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    I think he means that it doesn't look like you had any realistic reference for this, or that you just put some pieces together to make some thing.

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