Screenshot / #fbf: Lands of Legends


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    This looks awesome. The only thing I don't love about these older RCT2 parks is the lack of peeps. It misses sooo much that way imo.

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    #fbf is really helping me to get acquainted with all these old little gems. I do have to agree with Faas on the peeps. So glad they're now in pretty much every park being released. Long live the peepable movement!

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    My kind of park! I doubt they put in 450 years into this H2H park :D

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    This is very nice, except for that support that lands right on the roof of the rapids' station... With concrete footer and all. What the hell?

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    Would it be possible to get years added to these posts? Like a brief description in this format...

    Park - Parkmaker(s) - Year of Release

    ..or something of the sort.
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    Or a link to the release page?

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