Screenshot / #fbf: Götheburg


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    this is a must view for every single person on NE


    so much <3

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    Amazing... yet it lost to an H2H3 park I doubt most can even remember and technically even cheated by using the landscape of Phatage's Fright Nights design!!! This should have been the start of 3 straight Hurricanes' championships in a row, but it lost by 1 vote in a best 2 of 3 final and then my park lost by 1 vote in the second game... had a killer sloB and Cork park for game 3... yeah, still bitter about that and can't look back on this too fondly...

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    No one like him.

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    This must be one of the coolest viewing platforms made in RCT.
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    God, just so good. Looking back at this, I agree with posix. slob really achieved a sense of class and aesthetic that hardly anyone could touch (except maybe, well, posix :p ). I want to build a park like this again.

    And I agree, Liam. That atmosphere with the platform overlooking the water and duelers is just too good.
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    I want to build a park like this again.


    Expand this into a full park!

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