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    Whats with people posting screens in such weird resolutions all of a sudden?  Bugs the hell out of me when everything on the front page is a different resolution.


    This is quite nice though!  The metal roof feels a bit out of place, just a flat roof would be better.  I'd also try and replace the quarter block with an actual wall piece so the texture isn't so repetitive.  There should probably be another dashed line or solid line in the middle there.  I dont think any streets like that would just have one yellow solid line down the middle.

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    The scale seems off here... Try to stick with 4-5-6 units per floor. Or all the peeps are toddlers.
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    I agree with Liampie. The buildings and objects are really big, while the peeps and the trees are relatively small. The style is good, though.

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    I agree with both of them also, It would look more dense too and appeal better.

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    yeah the scale could be better. Otherwise it looks really good, i like it!

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    I looove it, great show

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