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    Not bad!  Could use a bit more atmosphere and color, maybe change the grey path to something different, and add some flowers to the foliage.  I'd try to get rid of those huts as well, they really kill what would be a really nice station.

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    Coaster: pretty cool
    Planter: too dense
    Brick wall along the coaster: great idea, love it
    Actual station: messy, bland
    Midway games: awkward placement
    Cyclone sign: overshadowed by everything, needs a more prominent place. MAybe on the coaster itself
    Overall: not bad
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    Thanks guys! I'll incorporate your suggestions and finish the foliage around the area, and (try to) post an update soon.

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    I like the start of the station but it definitely needs work. I'd make the entrance huts invisible so you can have a more cohesive roof- it's a bit of a mess right now. The brick does look good though.

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    Yeah, I've already made the huts invisible, don't know why I didn't do that before. Now, on to make a station :p
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    Attached Image: Cyclone the 2nd.png


    Made the huts invisible, reworked the station, fixed the planters, and cleaned up the path. Any more suggestions?

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    That's a great improvement, everything about that screen looks so much cleaner, especially the roof.


    I've never been a fan of those huge empty grey paths though as they always make parks look cold and sterile. Maybe add another path to give life to the screen or make the path landscaping bigger and add trees to it.

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    To much path I think. Maybe pull the Midway games it from under the break run and give them their own building that's a bit more inviting. Planters are a bit dull too, maybe re-work them a bit.
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    Late Update:


    Attached Image: Cyclone the 3rd.png


    I'm still not totally happy about the path, I'll see what I can do about it. Spruced up the planters, and added a small restaurant.

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    Another improvement.  Building looks solid, good use of western objects for the roofs.

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    man, you gotta work on those paths! so much more you can add like benches, lamps, smaller planters and covered seating areas (just a 2x1 awning or pergola type structure for example). I'm not sure I like the random spots of crazy paving. You'll be fine with 1 path type if you add enough details but if you do mix in a 2nd then maybe just use it like outlines around the planters or something. A couple of tall trees would help break things up too.

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    The small restaurant is beautiful, station too. Screen needs more life though.

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