Screenshot / Broccoli Forest 2 + Midway


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    Very nice. Maybe try add some bobsled track to the log flume?

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    I love this screen.. the hop like a bunny concept is brilliant, as is the hammer game promoting vitamins. Great stuff!

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    Genius. Great work!

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    Please don't add bobsled to the log flume.


    And YAY open grassland!

  • inthemanual%s's Photo

    Please don't add bobsled to the log flume.



    Why not? I'm not disagreeing, i just want to know your reasoning. 

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    1. Log flumes don't have bobsled track underneath them.
    2. It looks glitchy and messy.

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  • robbie92%s's Photo

    Bobsled track isn't necessary, but RCT flume track looks so flat and unsubstantial, so the bobsled helps thicken it up imo. But whatever, it's a stylistic choice moreso than a realistic one to me. 


    I don't see why you need rapids stairs, though. They look clunky when put up next to CSO work, and they've always been more of a compromise for LL or NCSO rather than a solution. I'd replace it either with stair objects or with standard RCT path on an incline.

  • Faas%s's Photo
    They were originally intended as escalators to discourage laziness since used to be a terrifying mcdonalds mansion up that hill. I removed the mansion but kept the escalators.
  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    How to make open grassland look good 101.


    Trampoline is gorgeous! Escalators are rather out of place here, definitely agree with rob about replacing them.

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    Nice ideas throughout, and the rapid stairs aren't bothering me.  Perhaps a handrail or something just to make them less obvious though?  On a different point, I'm not too keen on the rocks for some reason.  They look nice, but somehow I just didn't imagine this being an area that had rocks.  I think it diverts away from the lush feel, and makes that centre area seem somewhat barren.

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    They're supposed to be rocks for people to climb on, like they have in the park in my street. 

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    Just a little tip. Those pots with bushes on the left.


    If you coloured all the pots orange. Changed the bush to one of the less bushy bushes, you instantly have foliage that looks like 3 giant carrots about to be pulled out of the ground.


    Which would work lovely with your little carrot themed trampolines.

  • Faas%s's Photo

    It's ideas like this that makes me share my screens. Thanks a bunch Louis!!

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    No problem! :)


    Also, are the other potted plants deliberate? Because they look like pineapples to me :)

  • Faas%s's Photo

    They are close to the entrance of Tropical Town, so they are deliberate.  But the area around pineapple blaster is already filled with pineapples of all shapes and sizes, so I didn't mak these yellow. 

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