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    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the glitchiness?

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    No suggestions on that, as i'm no mastermind, but it looks pretty fantastic and fantasy-like!

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    Sometimes when you place objects above 2 pieces glitching against each other a clearer picture can be made. So maybe place lamp posts there in order to utilize this? I love your work

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    I like the idea

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    Fantastic screen! I love the curved terraces, but i hope you find a way to make it less glitchy.

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    place another track on top of it

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    I don't think the glitchiness is too noticeable. good work

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    Original and nice.

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    This is like my favorite thing i've seen on here in a while.

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    Nice curves on that roof. I like the way the building pinches in the middle.

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    Are the flying saucers supposed to resemble some kind of bumper boat ride?

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    guys. this is 4 years old.

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    Just like with your profile picture.I feel like ive seen it before 3-4 years ago.

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    Maybe this will be the kick in the pants he needs to get this park back on track! :) I browsed the Agencia gallery, the screens are fantastic. I'd love to see this finished, though I'm guessing it's probably 50% done.

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    who cares how old a screen is, it's still good. i remember being a new member wanting to comment on an old turtle park but i was too afraid to necrobump it. dont be me.

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