Screenshot / #fbf: Favela (2004)


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    Natelox is always one of the people who takes me down to earth after I think I've made something good in LL. I won't ever surpass this shit
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    It's pretty but its so goddamn repititve.

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    i agree with Poke actually. I don't mind the same walls/roof textures and stations but all the forms being 2x2 is too much.

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    at the time, i remember this blowing my mind.


    but today, it doesn't really hold up.



    it almost seems that the stations are detail or texture for the sake of it. i feel that i really have to dig deep into my imagination to interpret what they may or may not be. at the time it did look pretty because it was a nice way to break up the plain wall/land textures that were so ubiquitous, but it just doesn't stand the test of time.



    now ALE though...

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    because the way it is
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    It's pretty but its so goddamn repititve.



    Agreed. I've always thought this was churned out for the contest; Commandante is a much better entry to highlight how Nate's buildings could gel into a real, convincing whole.

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    Commandante is probably his highest quality work post his Disney parks phase.  Some of Quest is at a similar level, but doesn't quite match the level of Commandante with the landscaping, jaggedness and height change in the buildings.  Perhaps would have if it was finished though...

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