Screenshot / Finished Intamin LSM launch coaster trains


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    I love them! They track a tiny, tiny, tiny bit faster but I was actually hoping for that since my terra coaster runs a little slow.

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    Looks good, wheels dont seem like they are around the track though, rather they seem to be a bit narrow and floating over the track.


    Minor complaint, but though I should point it out.  If its possible to fix at all...

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    It's not possible to fix the wheels - the game doesn't have a depth buffer, it uses the painters algorithm. You either draw the train first and then the track, or the track first and then the train. You can't have part of the train hidden by the track and part of it not, unless you split them into seperate sprites (which the game does not support).


    I've considered possible workarounds, including making the wheels transparent when viewed from the inside, but you can't make it perfect, because which parts should be hidden depends on where the train is on the track. You need a depth buffer to eliminate these glitches. Also, I'd need to have a track model that matches the game track well to do this.


    This is also why you occasionally see trains glitching through the track or each other - I do try to minimize this but I have very limited control over it, and I'm not exactly sure how draw order is decided.

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    The trains are good and that's probably the best layout you've ever posted to. 

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    Agreed. It's a sick layout. Trains are cool too

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    The Intamin LSM launch coaster train is now finished. It's not great, but at least it's not the worst train I've made.

    There are lots of variants of this train - a lot of the newer ones have lap bars in place of the OTSRs, and many of those that had OTSRs have been retrofitted with alternative softer versions, so no coaster actually runs this exact train anymore. In addition, many of the trains have additional theming, and Taron's is a completely new design. This train looks similiar to a lot of other Intamin trains, but as far as I can tell it has only been used on the LSM launch coaster and vertical lift coaster.

    I left the max height the same as the giga coaster, because there's one being built in Spain that's over 300ft, but I don't know if that is the same model of coaster or what train it will have, so perhaps it should have been set lower.

    Friction should match JAGIGLT but can anyone who intends to use these on a layout that previously ran that train please test it? - if it needs changing that's better done sooner, before too many people have downloaded the current version.

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