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    Hey, this is pretty nicely done! Great use of the standard objects! Might be a little too brown at places though. Consider adding another colour in the mix.

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    Probably the best use of the pyramid objects I've seen in a long time. Nice work!
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    Looks great. Consider throwing in some blue accents to the building.
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    I've got to agree with G Force and Jappy, it's rare to see such great use of the pyramids! Very well designed building, nicely reminiscent of actual ancient Egyptian architecture. The rest of the screen looks good too, though I'm not sure about the wooden fence at the edge of the pond (the lower one). I'd try the standard light brick wall instead or maybe grey castle wall.

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    I really like it, very classic looking stuff. Blue is indeed the colour that comes to mind when thinking about how to spice it up, but it might also work to use a less obvious colour like bright red, purple, peach or black.

    How long have you been in the RCT community? Your work reminds me of an old Belgian park I once aqcuired, with the original creator unknown. A very good park.
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    We needed you in Bumbly Bazaar.
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    We needed you in Bumbly Bazaar.




    I think the colors are fine, perhaps brighten up the flowers under the overhang but otherwise I quite like them.


    Kind of feel like a bright blue or something like that would be a bit distracting. 

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    Your work has a lovely clean, spacious feel to it. Very picturesque.

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    very cool

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    Sweet. The full tile columns work really well.. they look very Egyptian.

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    This blows my own egypt stuff out of the water. Very nice!

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    looks like SAC nutted a fat one and made you.

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