Screenshot / Bachelius Sandfalls


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    That's just incredible.

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    So fucking good dude, like seriously fantastic.

    Only thing this screen could maybe use is a bit more path detailing to give it some more life.

    You better finish this soon.
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    Ugh, sg. 

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    Amazing... tho that Aladdin looking flat ride kinda ruins everything

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    Those curved planters are PHENOMENAL.

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    Masterful on so many levels but I can't help but wish there was some different shade of tan to be used here for either the falls or the structures near them. Right now, it's not quite hitting that contrast to keep them from blending. Honestly, as much as I love the sandfall idea I can't help but think that regular waterfalls would inject a ton of atmosphere. Maybe mess around a bit but as-is, it's excellent work.

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    What the fuck

    Pls finish this and take my 90+ vote

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    Really really cool, but the bottom half of the screen is clearly better than the top half, especially towards the right corner. Wherever there is vertical land involved, it looks very unrefined and rushed... The piles of tan blocks (what are they?) are definitely not helping in that regard, but the landscaping needs work anyway. Part of the vertical rock wall you can cover up by more of those 45 degree angled waterfall objects, as a sandfall would definitely have a big conical mound at the bottom. The big open path looks nice but a bit too open/lifeless. Maybe some more canvasses? Maybe canvasses in the bottom left corner too, because it seems like you dropped the motif there. One more suggestion for the supports in the bottom right corner: offset one of them one tile so they don't align like this.


    But yeah, still an awesome screen. The coaster and the architecture are so good.

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    this is wild

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    Amazing AVC. So good indeed. Glad you've returned to the game again.

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    awesome!  This is some classic AVC but also fresh.  I do think the supports on the loop and dive loop should angle outward - both more realistic and a more interesting angle.

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    those sandfalls are epic... but where does the sand go? or come from? haha


    actually I think framing them with tan stone buildings is doing them a disservice- I think the neutral brown tone would look really fantastic there, and with the ruins. Then you can layer some more ruins along the side to try and cut down those straight edges

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    Thanks for all the comments and feedback! Good advice on the falls from everyone, ill definitely make some updates for more contrast and a more organic vertical face.
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    inspirational as always
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    What a fantastic looking invert. Wow.

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    Utterly gorgeous. Really love the ideas and object usage, it feels so fresh. So happy to see this park progressing as well. My only note would be that the two supports for the turn in the bottom right of the screen are rather clunky.

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    i love the colors, the feel, everything here is different compared to what i usually see on here. Nice man

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    Wow that's good

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