Screenshot / Salut les oursons!


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    Favorite area of this park. Feels so fun!

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    Seems like something you'd build in one of your parks Jappy!

    Actually the archy almost feels a bit like Zippos for some odd reason. Lovely little spot, maybe the repetitive colors are a bit too much, but who am I to talk! :D
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    I like the entry signposts.  The colors are a little hard to look at.  I guess that's probably true of every kiddie area...

  • Rofl%s's Photo

    Looks like fun, I love it.

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    Beautiful. Impressed by how well you integrated the balloon ride. It's certainly not easy. I guess the foliage could use some work, but other than that it's very good.

  • mintliqueur%s's Photo

    Very nice, but maybe just a little bit too repetitive, architecture-wise. That's a minor complaint though. Mais où sont les oursons? Je ne les vois pas!

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    Thanks everyone. All the Concurrenten parks are supposed to look like they've been made in 2006-2008 on RCT-Guide, hence the rather simple style, it's on purpose.


    Mintliqueur, les oursons sont les petits enfants qui visitent le parc. ;)

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    really beautiful

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    Mintliqueur, les oursons sont les petits enfants qui visitent le parc. ;)


    Oh of course, silly me! I thought you were going for some kind of cheesy bear theme that I couldn't notice, hence the question.

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