Screenshot / #fbf - Medieval Climate Optimum


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    MASSIVELY underrated.
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    This is one of my favourite wooden coasters.. maybe even no.2 after the one in Park Asterix

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    I love this so much. Definitely my favorite Wodan-inspired GCI, but what is the explanation behind the name?

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    Finish your Dollywood park.

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    Woow, now this is cool! Great use of colours and objects, nice coaster... Definitly a fan of this.

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    Finish your Dollywood park.



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    Thanks everyone. I will finish Dollywood but it might still take a while, for now I'm busy with my thesis and final exams. Expect an update in the next weeks though.
    About the name, the 'medieval climate optimum' refers to a period of relatively warm weather in the Northern Atlantic during the Middle Ages that allowed the Vikings to colonise Iceland, Greenland and North America. Think of it as the Golden Age of the Viking civilisation.

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