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    Nice! Love the part where the track goes between the building and the path. Excellent work.

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    Tackar, that part was inspired by how parents etc want to see their children and take pictures close to where they are standing :p
    Especially when it's a kiddie ride

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    I agree with Lagom. Not sure about the light effects though, looks like you took a picture of your computer screen. 

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    The 'light effects' are from a mod made by JeroenDStout which I wanted to try out, maybe just went a bit overboard with them - However the quality is a tad off thanks to the 'scaling' in OpenRCT2

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    It would probably have looked much better without the scaling. Perhaps a but to much contrast or whatever between the bright and dark areas. The transition isn't that server in real life.
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    Looks good, but you should've taken the screenshot without that night mode on.

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    I don't mind the night mode to be honest.
    It would be nice if you could post the same screenshot here in the comment section, without the scaling. I think that would help a lot.

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    No lights - No scaling - Feels meh 


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    That gives a much better idea of what it actually looks like! Nice to see some more of the surroundings too. It looks very promising!

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    And with the lights but without scaling? :)

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    Updated the description with 2 more images :p 

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    Oh hey, I recognize this park - I made that building you can see poking up from the bottom.


    Looks great!

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