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    since none of these other nerds have commented - I'll kick things off and say that this is excellent. I love how much thought you put into your storytelling and how it influences your building style. Nice job on the waterfall!

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    Cool backstory to the area. The waterfall is very nice, I like the diagonal. I agree the white stone throws it off a little bit, log flume track could work, some wooden troughs maybe. Good stuff!

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    Fantastic, great scene-setting. Only complaint would be the tree colours, I would use the natural/ncso colours where possible.

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    Guests can visit the sawmill, which is also a watermill. Since log are cheaply moved accross river, and moving water can be used to put saw in motion, the watersawmill is a cheap low-energy way to produce beams adequate for coaster supports, fisherman's boat, or any sort of wooden structures.

    You can witness the process, ask questions, feed yourself with the tasty Beaver-burger, learn the art of wood carving, and prepping booby-traps, kids loves it and pointy stick make a nice souvenir ! We also sell maps, those are manually drawn onto manually pressed paper made from the woodchip, totally worth 20$.

    The rest of the woodchip is sent to a local farm for gardening, you can wait for their truck to comeby and they'll bring you there after their stop at the village.

    I'm not satisfied with the water derivation as it's done with white stone, may try to rework it with a logflume track to make it less squarish.
    I like the wide open area in front of the building but i'm uninspired for making it more interesting, maybe a bike parking but i have several of these in the park already, also i can't think of a way to integrate and make the transition for the white path that i have circling the lake.

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