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    I love the scenery, it's one of the best things I've seen on here. But I don't like how the coaster dives down immediately after the launch.

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    Ahh, this park really grew on me the more I looked at it. Such a shame it was unfinished in the end...

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    There's just something about the truss work, and the overall composition that really appeals to my eye. Love it.

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    Some more angles with the facade cut away:


    Attached Image: World's Fair 2016-10-12 10-36-00.png


    Attached Image: World's Fair 2016-10-12 10-37-37.png


    Yeah the unfinishedness was unfortunately due to time. Rob had said he wanted this building to be all about some sort of electrical theme, with a large coaster element in front of the building. As the park progressed this area hadn't been done yet. So, I offered to take it since Rob's vision for the area sounded like it would be fun to make. I built the coaster, interior, and truss work while Rob did the facade, wall, and glass work, as well as the tram track. Rob really put in a lot of hours and late nights on this park, and Sey chipped in on the buildings in other areas. We were pretty ambitious with the concept, it was a lot of fun! :)

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    This park was great!

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    One of the best things in the park. Fantastic coaster, building and theming. Best themed launch section ever.
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    I loved parts of this park, but as a whole it was far, far too compacted and just seemed messy. These trusses inspired one of my bridges in the ne olympics landscape, they are so awesome

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    So I finally downloaded that and just read the readme. And I just have to say got really excited when you said parts of the map were inspired by the Duluth area. I went to college there haha. I built some ore docks and a lift bridge in Squall modeled after the infrastructure there. So, I just gotta say thank you for making that and bringing it to my attention! :)

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    Probably in my top 5 H2h7 parks. I'm glad you guys went for an ambitious concept over something that would be easily finished. The victorian detailing and dense layering is incredibly atmospheric.

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    im glad someone agrees with me about how great this park was

    tbh seph ur insane

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    You did such an a amazing job on this and the Eiffel Tower. 

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