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    You were ahead of your time, hope you'll make a glorious comeback someday
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    Interesting and informative write-up... custom wooden supports, despite being tedious, were always fun to make and imo looked much more compelling.


    Also OT but landscaping here is really nice.

    I agree with walto... hope you make a comeback.

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    I'm always really impressed by these tedious CSO wood supports, especially from back in the day. Really nice write-up, thanks for sharing that! Even though the helix supports are just a bit too wide/square looking, most of it looks great. The atmosphere generated by the landscaping and foliage also feels so warm and inviting!

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    Yeah, great post. I also really like the screen. The foliage is great. Sure you can't finish this?

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    Before X7123M3-256 released the RMC track set, hybrid coasters had to be made by hand with scenery. And there was no scenery manager, no OpenRCT, and zero-clearance work had to be done in 8-cars. *shudder*

    After just over 40 in game years, this project was abandoned back in 2014. I was looking through it today and thought it might make a good late #TBT... or early #FBF...

    It's funny to look back at this and remember placing every individual wooden bent, brace, truss, connection, and so on with quarter tile railing pieces. I remember having a ball figuring out how to make the lumber frame come together and connect to the steel crossties and concrete footers. A lot of the wooden pieces we have now (steeper diagonals in particular) wouldn't be made until the next two H2H seasons (7 and 8, mostly thanks to Tolsimir Xtreme97, but others as well I'm sure).

    You'll notice the bents run perpendicular to the track, just like real life wood coaster supports. The support work also features angled bracing holding the bents together, which have a steeper angle and wider spacing than found in the bents themselves.

    The work on this unfinished design is a product of its time, and if it were to be built today it would be much easier, have more objects to choose from, and probably look better. All that being said, I learned a lot from it and still enjoy looking back every now and then. So, I decided to toss a few modern objects in there (now that we don't have to use ParkDAT *shudder*) and spruce it up a little for a nice screen. Maybe it's an old SNBO coaster at a park that has fallen on hard times, as the grass and weeds grow tall under the labyrinth of timber above...

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