Screenshot / My first NE teaser


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    Eiffel 65?
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    If Stan Smith owned a theme park, this would probably be it.

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    ... Nixon probably has a raging hard-on in his grave right now

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    The park management thought "we love wood but it's so, er, wooden" so in their wisdom they went and hired Stan to brighten things up a bit. He even stooped as low as painting the tree trunks. He says it's harmless to the trees though.


    It's all gone a bit 'circusy' but I liked that feel and the difference / fun of it, plus the idea did have a logical starting point that makes sense of it so I was happy with it even if the score is going down over time, I use a lot of variety in my parks so you have been warned, some of my creations are rather 'love or hate', also I feel that I'm also in that 'basic RCT' to 'skilled NE' transition / development phase so probably won't be matching your community for quality immediately.

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    Lol this made me laugh. I love your enthusiasm and witty whimsical creativity

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