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    This screen is 99.9% identical to the other screen you posted, and it's equally awful. Why did you upload this?
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    If you know it's terrible (the kitsch tag) why do you post it?

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    Liampie: it was just to show the fact the thing 'almost' believably makes the loop/ helix combo in game enough for me to like it (but only in RCT terms I guess) although I did think afterwards 'post connected pics in the same thread in future'.


    spacek531: as a warning after the reactions it got previously and as an acceptance that the colours are a bit on the circus-esque side of design, kitsch does exist in reality too, take Blackpool, great theme park but bucketloads of the k word with the arcades and so on. Also some people see that there's an ugly beauty to it in a love it or/and hate it kind of way. There's also the palette problem with rct2, there may be a better red/blue combo, or it may be that if you hate it you'll hate it even with different shades...

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    I don't have hatred towards anything really besides some things and I see the simple crazy terrible beauty in it. I think I'm on the same page with you bro lol
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    Thanks KB- I may well make two parks from this, one unafraid to go a bit Vegas and a more refined one. Nobody's guessed where it's built yet- the clues are there ;o)

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