Screenshot / Tikal Falls


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    Beautiful Steve. You never lost your touch.

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    I can hear the Jurassic theme already.

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    Did natelox make this?
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    goddamn this is so beautiful

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    Feels a bit washed out, like an old photograph. I think it's perfect. Makes me think of 19th century African exploration.

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    Damn, this is great work!

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    Fuck that's good.

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    So clean. Love it.

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    Looking really good. I don't really get the foliage mix but I don't mind. 

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    its just so simple, i don't get why i can't build like this


    love it <3

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    Wow, thanks everyone. :)

    Posix, means a lot coming from you, thank you, dude!

    G Force, I wish.

    Turtle, wanna build on it?

    Louis, you can and you have!
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    This is just fantastic.

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    This looks phenomenal
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    yes i do

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    This is incredible. Your work is always so immensely atmospheric, and the foliage is wonderfully eclectic without being messy... Ugh. Fuck you.

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    Stunning. I love how it's mostly classic rct textures, objects, paths etc too.

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    Sorry for the thread bump, but I've been browsing through screens that got nominated for screen of the month the last few months and this one stands out for me. And I couldn't figure out why. It's really not something that is super different, or something we haven't seen before per-se. But what it does it take something that's not really new, like a water ride in the wilderness of somewhere or some area with heavy vegetation, and it does it well. It does it without make your eye try and figure out where one item ends and another starts, which a problem I have with so much work as of the last number of years. This however, is clear. It's like when I put my glasses on in the morning, everything is in focus when I look at a screen like this. I can easily discern what each texture is supposed to be, objects are used to clearly represent things, I don't have to make any sort of guess as to what they might "represent", because the communication from the creator to my brain is crystal clear. Is it the most mind-blowing new concept? No, and it doesn't have to be, because it works perfectly the way it is. Unlike everyone else's work around here, this doesn't look like it was made out of Lego's. And I love it.

    Just had to comment haha. Typed on my phone as I wait for an oil change so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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