Screenshot / Geyser Gulch Rapids & Crossroads USA


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    Geyser Gulch, so hot right now

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    Have my babies

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    Hold me. Would'a been 100% from me if some elements of the coaster weren't floating above the supports.


    Best water ride for me this year.

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    You absolute madlad.

    I love the colors, and of course the diagonals... extremely impressive.

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    As I said on Xtreme's screen, this feels both free from the restraints of what 'should' be in the area surrounding a coaster like this but also so meticulous and carefully crafted. I do think the coaster feels like the odd man out in this screen, but not in a way I'm willing to complain about.

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    It's aight.

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    This is insane

  • Description

    The frontier awaits! Climb aboard your excursion raft and brave wild waters as you traverse caverns, waterfalls and rapids before plunging into the geyser pool! You will get wet!

    Not ready to make a splash? Don't fret, partner: feel free to stop in at Eureka! Traders for supplies and trappings, or maybe a homemade pastry from our bakers. If it's BBQ you're after, saddle up at Roaring Fork for their famous chicken. Afterwards, carve a path to the western side of the Boardwalk to sample Logan's Brewery's finest libations!

    Visit today!

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