Screenshot / Musket - Post Office


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    C'mon Alex Tag!

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    wow that post office is fantastic, and I like what I can see of the coaster station. cool stuff, very vibrant.

  • G Force%s's Photo

    Loved ever screen you've shown of this so far, and this is definitely not an exception.

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    Arguably one of the most anticipated designs in a long time, it's been around for AGES haha. Will be great to finally see it released!

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    You can hardly tell it's LL (not that being noticeable in that style is bad). Great stuff; very much anticipating the release!

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    So nice, and so full of life. Love that you added peeps!

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    who hasn't built on this :p


    (I mean I haven't, but you know)

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    Fantastic! If I didn't know I would have thought this was ncso.

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    Great screen!
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    Thanks guys. 


    Louis, I have really wanted to ask you and some others to do cameos, but at if I do no one will be left to vote on it, lol. Currently, it has work from Roomie, MA, Loopy, Pierrot and Alex.

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    The building itself is great but I feel like there's so much going on (mostly texture-wise) that the area isn't really coming together for me. The skills, as always, are present though.
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    I'd almost want to say the opposite- I think this area actually is coming together in some odd way. Very tight, with weird textures and microness (micronese?), but comes together nicely.

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    This may take years to get accolades lol.

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    Haha, didn't notice the handymans on the horses until now. Pretty sick! Great job.

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