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    Not a bad start, landscaping could use some more texture variation though, possibly some foliage or 1k ruins.

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    This could almost very easily be NCSO. Maybe NCSO+Imlegos Terrain Blocks V2?

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    Well, I'm using just im'sTB3 for the block set, mine theme, and an unused GW Water theming atm as my selection. I'd have to replace like the first half of the ride's mesh fences, as I used the color able ones that are in im'sTB3
    EDIT: the mesh fences have been replaced and the color able one has been removed from the selection

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    (Few more screens of smaller bits)

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    I feel like the cogs need to be housed under a little roof or something. 

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    They're going to be, I just keep forgetting to actually do it. In fact, there's already metal posts the roof is going to sit on. Not sure if I should do canvas or wooden though

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    The land around the mine huts is so super blocky, you made no effort to cover that up. You have to blend RCT land and the land blocks better.

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    Not sure how I feel about all the track being perfectly at ground level. Makes it look very unsupported.

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